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18 June 2007 @ 05:58 pm
Up to date with the foot.  

The foot is doing okay. Tomorrow will be six weeks since I broke it. I'm scheduled to have a follow up x-ray on the 22nd of June.

I can put weight on it now, in fact, I sometimes walk short distances--like across theroom--without crutches. It tends to be a little swollen at the end of the day.  A physical therapist I met at a party a few days ago gave me some exercises to restore strength and flexibility.  I've tried them out, and some of them hurt.  I'm going to wait to see my doctor Friday and see if he advises going ahead with them or not.  No point in working on exercises before I'm ready and undermining the healing of the bone. 

Anyway, I am trying to exercise the foot and go on with as much as I can without overdoing things and hurting myself. I hope the x-ray on Friday will have good results, and I will be able to give up the crutches and the boot and get back to being active again. I wonder when I will be able to dance again. And I wonder whether I will be able to return to Indian dance, which involves a lot of foot stamping, without hurting myself.